Team Disco







Hola funksters! This summer Harry, Matt, Hibbsy and John are taking on Europe in a clapped out old Renault Espace. Not only that, but themselves and the car will be pimped to the nines because we are TEAM DISCO!

Freshly fitted with bubble machine, strobes, decks, uv’s and an old RAC traffic light among other things, the boys are setting out to be crowned UK champions in this year’s Bonkers to Budapest Wacky Rally.

Our journey will take us through some of Europe’s finest scenery where we have to complete challenges like – being photographed with the local nutcase, bazar owner or prostitute (very nice!) – all in a bid for kudos and respect from fellow drivers.

I know this all sounds like one big piss up (and it mainly is) but we are also doing it for a good cause. We’re racing on behalf of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity who provide practical and emotional support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

The stupider we look, the more we raise for this great cause so please visit our donations page, and donate what you can.

If we get £1 from everyone we know we’ll have about, £10, so please get friends of friends involved to.

Donate here


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