Hudoson Mohawke at The Garage







A few things, the videos were done to capture the music rather than the picture, also a note on the newly re opened Garage, what a poor venue for this kind of show, not only is its new sponsor Relentless all over it, the place feels like a Yates Wine Lodge, flat screen T.Vs everywhere, bad fluro lighting and fake wood finish, the security were rude and patronising and there was no vibe what so ever, hence the lack of photos, also we were on soda water and lime and bottled Strathmore all night. Besides the venue though it was all good, Hudson Mohawke destroyed the place, check out the tunes above.


2 Responses to “Hudoson Mohawke at The Garage”

  1. I concur that the gig and venue were tragic, but feel the incorrectly configured lighting rig that completely blinds the audience should also get a mention.

  2. samtickle Says:

    MASS envy, although the crowd look shite from the first video, sounds amazing though!

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