Drop The Truth 01: Shaun Bloodworth

Shaun Bloodworth is a photographer living in Sheffield, he has been responsible for some of the most recognisable images from the underground dance scene, most recently for his documentation of the LA electronic crew Brainfeeder and the iconic image of Oliver Jones (Skream) for his debut album Skream!

“The music I listen to now changes by the week, It’s usually in the form of mixes. I don’t know how to DJ, so mixes have a magical quality for me, and single tracks are reminiscent of certain times in my life.”

Kraftwerk – Computer Love

This was one of the first LPs i bought , funnily enough on a school trip to Germany when i was about 14. Autobahn had been used in the theme to a children’s TV program in the early 70s, so a lot of young children were familiar with Kratwerk. I went to a see a film about Heaven 17 recently and Martin Ware was talking about why Sheffielders liked that electronic / industrial sound, that it came from the night time thumping of Steel Forges which you could hear from a wide area in the city -its subconsciously hot-wired into the brain, and i think that’s certainly where my connection came from to that sound.

Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks

I was big Led Zeppelin fan in my teenage years, and of course this is the famous John Bonham muffled drum beat sampled throughout many a Hip Hop record. For all the excesses and posturing they still produced the best rock and blues. It reminds me of very happy times, being part of a collective group that would religiously go to the local cinema to see the song remains the same late showing on a Saturday night, and laugh at the manager who would threaten to stop it half way through if the smoking and beer can throwing didn’t stop.

Skream – Dutch Flowerz

This one in particular could be any track from the first Skream album. it reminds me of the early FWD>> nights, Sub Dub in Leeds with Stu H, a very young Skream, insanely talented. Stu used a test shot as the cover, of a wall in Sub Dub. Great covers of the 12s and LP.

Dorian Concept – Tropical Hands

Sometimes you witness things that are completely unexpected, Dorian Concept off sonar in 09 at Plat du Jour, playing a range of tiny keyboards, electric. Again a true original. I’m still trying to find a time when i can go over to Vienna to photograph Oliver.

Daedelus – Hrs Mins Secs

Its difficult for me to put my finger on one particular track from what has become the LA beat makers sound. I guess its because there are no boundaries for them, no rules over what can be mixed into what ,its a very liberating sound. I was lucky enough to witness it with Stu Hammersley just as it grew at Low End Theory, when everything was still at a national level before it all kicked into the global phenomenon it is now. This was the track that launched it all for me around 2008 , when Flying Lotus brought the sound of the Brainfeeder crew to Sonar Festival on Mary Anne Hobbs stage – when i listen back , you can hear it in Steve’s voice before he went on, so excited, one of my all time favorite mixes. Mary Anne told me that he wasn’t even happy with it! As for Daedelus – well, what a talented and extremely welcoming chap. A pivotal moment.


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