Drop The Truth 02: Rob Whoriskey


I met Rob a couple of years ago, since then I manage to bump into him every weekend without fail. Rob does bad ass illustrations, gets dope tattoos and talks to me about the good old days of US skate punk.

Karp – Bacon Industry

Karp were written off a lot as being a Melvins rip off, to a point they were, and one of them did end up playing in that band for a while. But in my opinion they had something more, something teenage where they were really angry but really fun. This song piledrives through only giving you the hook near the end and the bass sounds like my bass did when I was a kid. Their drummer died in a boating accident I think.

Melvins and Lustmord – The Bloated Pope

Melvins are a stone cold classic band who still release crushing stuff from time to time. Buzz Osbourne to me stands tall in the metal game. So much would be different if he had decided to be a vender repair man or whatever. The beat on this song is an air drum classic. I know nothing About Lustmord and cant really tell what he does on this song but whatever, good for him, he’s playing with gods.

Mastodon – The Bit (The Melvins cover)

I can take or leave Mastodon, but they have some classic early riffs and undoubtably have a fuck load of power behind them. The rythem section got to know the world playing in Today Is The Day who just missed out on this mix by being way way too great/depressing. Also this is their cover of The Bit a classic Melvins number that may just sound better than the original, just sayin’.

Godflesh – Anthem

Godflesh are my current favorite band of all time, there’s been serious talk of a ‘Streetcleaner’ tattoo. Justin Broderick stands up there with Iommi and Buzz for me, he played in Napalm Death at 15 then the sadly forgotten Head Of David only to palm them off to write some ground bending music in Godflesh. Before hearing them Nihilism to me was being wasted on the street at five in the morning, he gave it a whole new life. To put him in context you have to realise Glen Danzig wanted him to replace John Christ in Danzig and Faith No More wanted him to replace whats his name with the glasses and beard. That, is pedigree.

Earth – Tallahassee

Dylan Carlson is a notorious character, having bought Cobain the shotgun he shot himself with and also had an incredible herion problem that he somehow managed to survive. He also somehow he managed to make music unlike anyone else that kind of started a whole genre of its own. He pulled it out of the bag a few years back and started making music again, which is fine and great but his early stuff is where I want to sit. Tallahassee has a pretty good video, find it on YouTube. I hear he pays the bills these days by working as a framer. He does a pretty toasted version of a Jimi Hendricks song on this album and the mighty Sunno))) started as basically a tribute to Earth, thats my facts.


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