Drop The Truth 04: Alex – GetMe


Alex runs the consistently strong music collective GetMe, they put out fresh mixes, limited T-shirts and big parties. From London? you’ll know of them. Go check out all their offerings here.

The The – This Is The Day

This song makes me feel like I should suddenly implode in an epiphany of self discovery and slump into some serotonin lake full of nubile naked woman who are willing to hold in me in the fetus position for the rest of my life.

Animal Collective – Street Flash

I get hit by inside fevers, for sure. I think this my favorite Animal Collective song. Period.

Atlas Sound w/ Noah Lennox – Walkabout

I first heard this in Vincent Alvarez’s Lakai advert, (watch) I’m probably pretty slow on the uptake but it is a great song none the less. The video makes me want to be in LA again, even If it is a complete hell hole.

Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm

More evidence to prove Richard James is a genius and far better at life than you will ever be. This song features on the soundtrack to “Sleep Furiously”, a great documentary about the West country, no really.

Highlife – Burying Stones

Highlife is my friend Doug’s solo project, he is part of White Magic and has done a load of stuff with both Gang Gang Dance and Animal Collective. He has a new E.P coming out soon, go buy it.


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