Drop The Truth 05: Agostinho


I have known Agostinhon for roughly a year now, I bump into him most weekends and at most parties. This is his blog he’s a real dude, and one of the good ones. Check the selections below.

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane)

Break Bot had earned himself a fearsome reputation way before Ed Banger Records “put him on” so to speak but ‘Baby I’m Yours’ is sure to bring him to the masses. A wonderfully produced track fitting for the summer months not to mention the wicked music video composed of more then 2,000 water colour images, sick!

Rick Ross – B.M.F (Blowin’ Money Fast)

Correctional Officer history aside Rick Ross is probably the BEST commercial rap artist out there. His latest album Teflon Don is probably his strongest body of work since Trilla. Theres so many potential hit singles on this album its kind of hard to pick one track, well that’s a lie. Theres only ONE track worth bothering about and that’s B.M.F (Blowin’ Money Fast). “I think im Big Meech, Larry Hoover, whippin’ work, hallelujah, one nation, under God, real niggas gettin’ money from the fucking star…” GAME OVER!

French Montana – Wake Up In The Morning

With French Montana’s music you’re either smoking your woes away with it blaring in the background or repeating every line with eyes wide shut wishing someone would drop it in a rave. Add a bit of Max B pre-75 year murder charge (FREE MAX B by the way) and you’ve got a deadly combination. The hook is immense.

Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It

It was the summer of 2006. I was raving it out somewhere along that hipster strip that connects Shoreditch and Stoke Newington. I’m so drunk off my nut im doing the Boston boogie in the middle of the dance floor with not a care in the world. Then all of a sudden that kick drops in, im nodding my head, then slowly pumping my fist until im jumping or joy knocking peoples drinks all over the gaff. That’s the power of Larry Heard.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Cancel On Me

Bombay Bicycle Club aren’t my favourite band out at the moment for the simple fact that there’s so many great bands out there you’d be hard pressed to choose one. Their first album ‘I Had the Blue but I Shook Them Loose’ had so many hits on it that ‘Cancel on Me’ fell under the radar. Great track with a wicked chorus.


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