Drop The Truth 06: Get Some


It is rare that the boys (Leigh & Jasset) over at Get Some post up some music that I don’t rate so I thought it was only fair to see what they could come up with for Drop The Truth, and as expected they didn’t disappoint. Get Some is an event/editorial service promoting an eclectic range of underground genres of sounds. While focused mainly on variations of dance music they hope to showcase an eclectic selection of the hottest up and coming DJ’s, producers, Live Acts and of course, the music itself. Get yourself to their next event and check their selections below.

Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold

Leigh grew up going to garage raves. Jasset had never heard of garage until So Solid hit the charts. But through a twist of fate thier paths crossed and although there is quite a difference in our musical tastes (Leigh gets angry at the mention of DONK, while you won’t ever catch Jasset stroking his chin to dub techno) this track represents where their tastes converge. Classic 2-step anthem. This is the past and the future.

Wiley – Wot D U Call It

The track that defined Wiley as the godfather of something else and the beginning of the end for garage as it was back then. There’s a great interview with Crazy Titch on a DVD I can’t remember the name of where he’s asked to describe the sound Wiley created, ‘No, no, no, no, no, Wiley don’t make no sub-low!’ he replies, screwing up his face. The Eski sound created a new genre, a new wave of artists, who through much adversity are starting to break through into the mainstream . Without this, there would be no Dizzee, no Kano, no Stryder or Chipmnk. The proaction might sound basic yes, but but its so raw and powerful. In our opinion Grime works best when it’s done live but this track captures that energy better than most.

Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub

The track represents the halcyon period in dubtep for us. FWD on Fridays before the smoking ban and early DMZ raves our some of our happiest times ever and what inspired us to start deejaying. The sound was like nothing else, it was experimental but you could still dance to it. Before dubstep went down the path trodden by drum and bass and the obsession with making everything harder and faster. Our pioneers at that time were; Digital Mystikz, Skream, Benga and Kode 9.

Ramadanman – Glut
Pariah – Orpheust

Here two songs by two promising young producers that rekindled our excitement in music and represent the kind of sound we are trying to push with GET SOME It was really hard to settle on two tracks, as there are so many exciting artists emerging. We have been fortunate to have play at our parties, Darkstar, Joy Orbison, R1 Ryders and Pariah and most recently Swansea’s Doc Daneeka. With so much great music it makes us proud to be part of a scene constantly evolving and defying genre boundaries.


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