Drop The Truth 10: Tommy/This Is Naive


I have been reading Tommy’s blog This Is Naive for over a year now, a photo journal, with world travel guides, rustic food photographs, day to day happenings and all things beautiful in the world, I highly recommend you become lost in her world.

“Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the hand behind the work, perhaps seen through slight imperfections but the effect can be quite charming. Similarly, with music, I like sounds that are not over-produced, sounds that you can feel the heart and soul of.

Here’s a selection of some music, male voices I like listening to recently (though Jonathan Richman doesn’t sing on this track I picked). I’m also going to cheat, instead of a description for each song, here are some pictures to go with them instead.”

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers – The Sweeping Wind

Momus – I Am A Kitten

David Byrne – Marching Through The Wilderness

Jean Touitou (Vocals: Jean-Baptiste Mondino) – Baby Please Don’t Go

Hiroshi Fujiwara (Vocals: Terry Hall) – Getting Over You


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